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I've found a great place for a picnic, who's with me? lol! Yellowstone national Park, USA Date: Jan 22nd @ 1:26am EST
Yellowstone Park is located on the territory of three States: mostly in Wyoming, as well as in Idaho and Montana. The Park is famous for its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife and geysers. Here you can see waterfalls, canyons, lakes, and even a volcanic eruption. According to Wikipedia, the Park has 1,770 kilometers of marked trails-just imagine how many routes you can walk.
would you like our first kiss to be right here ? Grand canyon, USA Date: Jan 21st @ 12:32am EST
The Grand canyon is 5-6 million years old. This means that the rocks can be found traces of at least four geological eras of our planet. With the depth of the canyon, the temperature changes, and therefore the flora and fauna. Here you can not only look at the natural beauty. The Grand canyon is a tourist destination, so there is plenty of entertainment for visitors: from excursions on mules to rafting on the Colorado river.
I would like to shoot a video about this place. It is so beautiful ... Midway Atoll Date: Jan 20th @ 1:02am EST
The name of the Midway Atoll is translated from English as “the middle of the road,” and this is no accident: the islands are located just between North America and Asia. Now the atoll is a reserve where almost two million birds live: Lysan and black-footed albatrosses, white terns, red-footed phaetons and petrels.
friendship Date: Jan 18th @ 4:23pm EST
“The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I’m so glad that you are my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.”
~Robert Alan

It’s autumn again… Those who have ever been to small Russian towns like ours will understand me. “...again…” means that each autumn is similar to the previous one. I call this time “the velvet season”. It’s a kind of irony, of course. The end of November is especially dull. Autumn meets winter these days. You can hardly see a sunbeam in the sky. There is slush everywhere. Famous Russian writers Ilf and Petrov compared Russian slush with coal. Sullen inhabitants are in a hurry. “Good morning, - “Morning”. We have breakfast, waiting for a bus. We are already in the office! The scheme is so simple and uninteresting. Why does it happen this way? Moreover, is it really so?

My own personal feeling is that it’s not the material things that matter. In my opinion, people who are sad and sullen have no friends! Walking in the mud, along the broken-down pavements, suddenly you see your friends` windows. The lights are so bright and kind there. The older we become, the more we appreciate those people who can share our happiness or sadness. They respect our individuality no matter what’s your profession or salary. They are your friends. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”(Bernard Meltzer). Real friends are so rare in our life. Some people say thatfriendship is one of the most important things, which give the purport of life.

However, we can’t tell everything even to our mothers, but our close friends are good at listening. They say that the woman’s friendship doesn’t exist. I can not accept this argument. Undoubtedly, most women are ready to sacrifice their friendly relations for the family. It’s our genetic feature. Well-educated and sensible persons will always appreciate real friendship. It’s important to understand that everything in this world including human relations develops constantly, going through the best and the worst stages.

It is a well-known fact that the reappraisal of values comes in different periods of our life. Probably, graduation is one of the crucial moments of our life. It is the period when we face real problems, lose old relationships. In other words, time shows who our real friends are.

Sometimes we differ greatly from our friends but even the famous scientists mentioned the unity of opposites! One example of this: one day, the unknown passerby walked along the street. It was raining. He was tired but did not feel it at all. This man was a salesperson. During the day he couldn’t wait until the closing time. He hadn’t seen his friends for two months! So all his friends â€" one lawyer, two accountants, and a teacher gathered in a quiet cafe`. These people were different, they had different occupations, but they had been friends for 15 years! They could speak about everything: family problems, the birth of their ch1ildren, their new hobbies, job achievements. So, why was our salesperson in a hurry? He had found another job! Swedish proverb says: “Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief”. That’s why the weather and insignificant problems were of no importance any more. He had got real friends and was able to overcome all difficulties.

In conclusion, I`d like to say that our life is like a coloring book. We choose colors ourselves and our friends help us to select the brightest and the most positive ones.
Would you like to be here? Sistine Chapel, Vatican Date: Jan 18th @ 12:26am EST
Former church, and today a museum and one of the most outstanding monuments of the Renaissance. Here you must definitely listen to the famous Catholic choir: singing penetrates to the core. This place is incredible luxury and beauty. It is worth coming here to see the design of the chapel with your own eyes, because many of the greatest artists worked on it, including Michelangelo, Pinturicchio and Botticelli.
Do you ever hear about it ? Date: Jan 16th @ 12:01am EST
Few people know the history of the POM-POM on the hat. However, it was invented for a reason, and in order to protect the heads of French sailors. The fact is that previously, when building ships, few people were concerned about comfort, and the ceilings in the ship's rooms were very low. And it was the POM-POM that kept the sailor's head from accidentally hitting the ceiling. It has been a long time since then, and the ceilings are now made much higher, but to this day the caps of French sailors are decorated with red POM-poms.
Hello Hello, and you would like to Wake up one day in a tent and come out of it to see this place... The Troll's Tongue, Norway Date: Jan 15th @ 12:16am EST
If you want to feel what it's like to stand on the edge of the world, go to Norway, to the Skjeggedal mountain. The Troll's tongue is a protrusion, a broken piece of rock, frozen in a horizontal position. For the sake of a good shot on the edge, many tourists muster the courage to climb the mountain. Therefore, here you will get not only photos, but also an interesting experience of climbing.
Stop for a second - and look around! Date: Jan 13th @ 8:15pm EST
A new day is coming. May it be filled with pleasant meetings with good people, kind and important events. I wish that today all problems be solved easily and by themselves
beautiful nightmare Date: May 24th @ 11:34pm EDT
Innocent - like a fairytale
It started with the blink of an eye
Wonderful - it had to be fate
But the indifference made us say goodbye
It has come to an end now
It is time to say goodbye
Beautiful nightmare
Couldn't survive on the battlefield
But now I'm starting to heal
Beautiful nightmare
Lucky that we reached the top
As they say what goes up must come down
Happy? Couldn't be more wrong
I gave us the benefit of the doubt
It has come to an end now
It is time to say goodbye
Beautiful nightmare
Couldn't survive on the battlefield
But now I'm starting to heal
Beautiful nightmare
'Cause it was worth it
All along, despite the panic attacks
Cause it was worth it
And even though it's wrong
I just wanna go back
I know it's bad for me
Can't resist it
I need it badly
To exist and to live
And here I go, yeah
Beautiful nightmare
Colours and their Associations Date: May 24th @ 1:35am EDT
In all cultures, different colours have different associations. They have symbolism and colour meanings. People respond to colours in different ways. The colour produces a certain physiological (connected with mind and body) and psychological (connected with history, culture and education) effect on a person. People's reactions to colours are instinctive and subconscious and certain colours are tied with certain notions (for example, pink is considered to be a romantic colour). Cool colours such as blue, green, white, grey, and silver tend to have a calming effect. On the one hand they are cold and impersonal. On the other hand the cool colours are comforting and nurturing. Blue has a calming effect and it can help you sleep. That is why blue is a good colour for bedrooms. However, scientists say that too much blue could dampen spirits. That is why the expressions 'to feel blue' or 'to get the blues' mean 'to feel sad, unhappy, depressed'. In many cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away. Blue, especially darker blue, is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Navy blue is a common colour for uniforms such as those worn by sailors and the police. In Iran, blue is the colour of mourning while in the West the bride traditionally wears something blue to bring her luck. A deep royal blue or azure conveys richness and a touch of superiority.

Green is associated with life, spring, growth, renewal, health, and environment. At the same time green means jealousy or envy and inexperience. Green is known to calm the nerves and soothe emotions. It is the national colour of Ireland. Coupled with red green is a Christmas colour.

Grey is a neutral, balanced and conservative colour. Grey seldom evokes strong emotion although some people find it cloudy or moody. In the US and UK, grey is connected with being dull and boring. Like black, grey is used as a colour of mourning as well as a colour of formality.

White is purity, cleanliness, and virginity. In most Western countries women wear long white dresses when they get married. It is a brilliant colour that can cause headaches and that can be blinding. In the East, it's the colour of mourning and funerals. Some cultures considered white to be the colour of royalty or of deities.

Silver is cool like grey but livelier and more playful. It often symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver can be glamorous and distinguished. The colour silver can be earthy, natural or sleek and elegant.

Warm colours fill us with joy and energy. Red, yellow, or orange can create excitement or even anger. Warm colours convey emotions from optimism to violence. In nature, warm colors represent change as in the changing of the seasons, the sunrise or the sunset.

Red is a hot and strong colour that evokes various emotions from passionate love to strong violence. Red is the colour of both Cupid and the devil. Red heart shapes and red roses represent romantic love. Red is often associated with power, that is why it is traditional to welcome a king, queen, president, celebrities and VIPs to a place by having a red carpet for them to walk on. Flashing red lights denote danger or emergency. In some cultures, red symbolizes purity, joy, and celebration. Red is the colour of happiness and prosperity in China. Red is often worn by brides in the East while it is the colour of mourning in South Africa.

Pink is a softer red. In some cultures, such as the US and the UK, pink is the colour that is worn by women and girls. It represents 'sugar and spice and everything nice'. Most people consider pink to be a feminine, delicate colour.

Yellow is associated with sunshine. On the one hand it symbolizes happiness, cheerfulness and joy. On the other hand yellow is the colour of cowardice and deceit. If someone is 'yellow' it means he is a coward. Yellow was the colour of mourning in Egypt and actors of the Middle Ages wore yellow to signify the dead. Yet yellow has also represented courage (in Japan), merchants (in India), and peace.

Gold is the colour of riches and extravagance. As gold is a precious metal, the colour gold is associated with wealth and prosperity. In ancient Egypt, gold was the colour of the Sun god and the symbol of power.

Orange is vibrant. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. Orange can be found in nature in the changing leaves of autumn, the setting sun, and citrus fruit. Orange brings up images of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween. It is a colour of change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

Black is conservative, serious and conventional. It can also be mysterious and sophisticated. It is typically worn at funerals to show sadness and respect in most Western countries. Black is associated with death and evil (black magic). Black, especially combined with orange is the colour of Halloween. Black clothes are often worn to social occasions in the evening.

Brown is a natural, down-to-earth colour. It is found in nature: in earth, wood, and stone. Brown symbolizes wholesomeness and earthiness. It also represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health.

It is difficult to imagine the world without colours. They surround us everywhere and constitute an important part of our lives. Colours help people communicate non-verbally. Besides, colours make our lives brighter and influence our emotions. Life without colours would be dull and uninteresting.
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